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March 06, 2019
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How your gastroenterologists in Bala Cynwyd, Bucks, and Torresdale, PA, can help you feel better

Stomach pain is a common problem, and it can have many causes. Most stomach pain goes away by itself, however, chronic stomach stomach painpain can be a sign of a more serious problem. The gastroenterologists at Gastrointestinal Specialists can help with stomach pain and other GI problems. They have several convenient office locations in Bala Cynwyd, Bucks, and Torresdale, PA, to help you.


More about Stomach Pain

Stomach pain can be caused by benign issues like constipation, diarrhea, influenza, a bacterial infection, or other common causes. There are some easy tips you can try to feel better, including:

  • Eating a bland, non-spicy diet
  • Eating several small meals instead of three large ones
  • Eating a small amount of peppermint or ginger
  • Drinking chamomile or licorice tea
  • Taking antacids or anti-nausea medications
  • Avoiding aspirin and NSAID medications
  • Avoiding alcohol and smoking

Sometimes stomach pain doesn’t go away by itself. Chronic stomach pain can be caused by:

  • Lactose intolerance
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease
  • Irritable bowel syndrome

It’s important to visit your gastroenterologist if your stomach pain continues and you also have:

  • A high fever greater than 101 degrees
  • Vomit containing blood
  • Stool containing blood
  • Yellow skin or eyes
  • Abdominal swelling
  • Extreme pain

The doctors at Gastrointestinal Specialists will do a comprehensive examination and may recommend tests which can include endoscopy, colonoscopy, and state-of-the-art imaging to determine what is causing your stomach pain. Once the cause of your stomach pain is identified, your doctors will build a customized treatment plan to eliminate, reduce, or manage stomach issues. Recommended treatment may include:

  • Diet and lifestyle modifications
  • Prescription medications
  • Surgery and other treatment options


Need Care? Give us a Call!

If you have stomach pain, you don’t have to deal with it by yourself. You need to talk with your gastroenterologist. Relief from stomach pain starts with a simple phone call to Gastrointestinal Specialists, with offices in Bala Cynwyd, Bucks, and Torresdale, Pennsylvania. For Bala Cynwyd, phone (610) 664-9700, for Philadelphia, call (215) 632-3500, and for Langhorne, phone (215) 702-7090. Call now and feel better fast!

By Gastrointestinal Specialists
July 12, 2018
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Stomach PainStomach pain can be a sign of a number of issues. In many cases, stomach pains are temporary and associated with issues like gas, indigestion, or an adverse or allergic reaction to a particular food. However just like pain anywhere else in the body, chronic or severe stomach pains may be a sign of a more serious issue. The gastroenterologists at Gastrointestinal Specialists offer diagnostic and treatment options in the Bala Cynwyd, Langhorne, and Philadelphia, PA, area for digestive problems and issues like acid reflux/GERD, Celiac Disease, and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).

Stomach Pain Diagnosis and Treatment

The first step in treating your stomach pain is to determine the underlying cause. If you are not sure if or when to see a doctor for stomach pain or other digestive symptoms, here are a few general guidelines to consider:

  • Are you suffering from new or recurring symptoms like pain, heartburn, acid reflux, constipation, unexplained weight loss or changes in bowel habits?
  • Do your symptoms last more than a week, or alleviate and then return again?
  • Have you already been diagnosed with a digestive problem like colitis or Crohn's Disease?
  • Is there blood in your stool?
  • Are you experiencing stomach pain with other symptoms like fever or exhaustion and loss of appetite?

Depending on your symptoms and other factors, a gastroenterologist may recommend an endoscopy (a diagnostic test that uses an instrument equipped with a small light and camera that allows the doctor to see inside your esophagus and digestive tract).

Depending on your diagnosis and the underlying cause of your stomach pain, treatment might include lifestyle and diet modifications and medication.

If you are experiencing ongoing or chronic stomach pain that does not alleviate with conservative treatments or dietary changes, or is accompanied by other symptoms like fever, fatigue, or changes in bowel movements, it is important to see a gastroenterologist for an accurate diagnosis and treatment. For more information, contact Gastrointestinal Specialists by calling 610-664-9700 to schedule an appointment in Bala Cynwyd, 215-632-3500 for Philadelphia, or 215-702-7090 for Langhorne.

By Gastrointestinal Specialists
December 15, 2016
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Sometimes it's easy to guess what's causing your stomach to hurt: a large meal or the virus known as the stomach flu, for example. But stomache painongoing abdominal pain can be distressing, particularly if you don't know what's causing it. The physicians at Gastrointestinal Specialists in Torresdale, Bucks and Bala Cynwyd, PA have extensive training in gastroenterology, the study of the digestive tract, to determine the cause of your stomach pain and how to resolve it. A few of the most common causes of stomach pain are listed here.


The inability to have a regular bowel movement is a common problem that affects most people at least one time in their lives. While the frequency of passing stool varies from person to person, constipation is typically defined as having fewer than three bowel movements a week. As the stool hardens after this much time in the body, constipation can lead to stomach pain, swelling and even vomiting in some cases. After an exam, your Bala Cynwyd gastroenterologist will often recommend a diet change, including drinking more water and introducing fiber-rich foods into your meals. Laxatives can also help soften the stool and make them easier to pass.


When cholesterol or bodily fluids harden in the gallbladder, this creates gallstones. Most people don't know they have them until they block a bile duct, which causes pain in the upper abdomen and back, nausea, and heartburn. Gallstones are usually a result of a high-fat diet or a complication of diabetes or pregnancy. If you have gallstones, your Bala Cynwyd gastroenterologist may prescribe medicine to help break down the stones. You may also need surgery to remove the gallbladder altogether.


If a sore develops in the lining of the stomach or upper small intestine, it's called an ulcer. Many people with ulcers have a gnawing or burning pain in between meals which is temporarily quelled by eating. Diagnosed by your Bala Cynwyd gastroenterologist through imaging tests, ulcers can be treated by diet changes or medication. In some severe cases, surgery is needed.

If you're having stomach pain, we here at Gastrointestinal Specialists in Torresdale, Bucks and Bala Cynwyd, PA are here to help! Give us a call to schedule an appointment today!

By GI Specialists
December 15, 2015
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My Stomach Hurts! Should I See a Doctor?

Common causes of stomach pain

Most people, at one time or another, have experienced stomach pain commonly called a stomach ache. Stomach pain can be Stomach Painintermittent or continuous, and the pain can be sharp or dull, and everything in between. If your stomach hurts, it might be time to stop in and see your gastroenterologist in Bala Cynwyd, Dr. Geoffrey Braden.

Some of the main reasons you might feel stomach pain are from inflammation, intestinal problems or infection. You can also feel stomach pain if you have the flu, or are under a lot of stress. Sometimes pain is just one symptom. You might also experience constipation, diarrhea or vomiting. The pain can be in one spot (localized), or spread out (generalized).

Stomach pain can also happen from diseases including:

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)
  • Crohn’s Disease (inflammatory bowel disease)
  • Lactose Intolerance (can’t digest lactose, sugar found in milk and other dairy products)
  • There are some things you can do at home to relieve stomach pain. You can try:
  • A simple diet of bananas, rice, applesauce and toast (BRAT) for a day or two
  • Taking small amounts of lemon or lime juice
  • Eating food in smaller amounts
  • Taking small amounts of baking soda
  • Taking ginger or peppermint
  • Licorice and chamomile tea
  • Medications and antacids such as Pepto-Bismol and Zantac

It is important that you stop smoking and drinking alcohol. You should also avoid aspirin or NSAID medications until the doctor finds out what is causing your pain. These medications can cause bleeding and may make your symptoms or condition worse.

If you find that the stomach pain does not go away, you might need to see your gastroenterologist for a consultation. You should make an appointment if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • A fever greater than 101 degrees
  • Vomiting blood or bloody stools
  • Finding it hard to breathe
  • Yellowing of your eyes and skin
  • Swelling of your abdomen
  • If pain is so bad you can’t sit still or need to curl up to get relief

The doctors of Gastrointestinal Specialists can help, so if you are having stomach pain, you owe to yourself to get some relief. Stop by for a quick consultation with Dr. Geoffrey Braden today!

By G.I. Specialists
August 14, 2014
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According to statistics from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 60 to 70 million people are affected by digestive disorders. Digestive problems are common in the United States due to poor diet, high stress and other environmental factors. Learn more about gastroenterology, aches, cramps, pains and when it is probably a good time to visit one of the Bala Cynwyd gastroenterologists of G.I. Specialists.Stomach Pain

What Is Gastroenterology?

Gastroenterology is the wing of medicine that specifically deals with problems related to a person’s stomach or intestines. Doctors who specialize in gastroenterology are concerned with everything that happens after your food begins to digest and break down in the stomach. Common disorders that gastroenterologists like Dr. Braden treat include IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), ulcers, Crohn’s disease and colon cancer. They use tests like colonoscopies and endoscopies to examine the inner workings of the intestines, colon and stomach.

When Should I Visit my Gastroenterologist?

People sometimes experience stomach pain and cramping when they go to the bathroom, but if the pain is so severe that it interferes with your life or is difficult to manage, then it’s time to schedule an appointment at our office in Bala Cynwyd for stomach pain. Here are a few other specific symptoms that may indicate it’s time to visit his office for a consultation:
  • Problems swallowing your food
  • Severe heartburn and regurgitation of acid after eating
  • Vomiting
  • Constipation that lasts for multiple days
  • Reoccurring diarrhea
  • Blood in the stool or leaking from the rectum
  • Sudden weight loss

Schedule Your Visit Today 

When experiencing symptoms like the ones described above or general stomach pain, Bala Cynwyd residents are encouraged to call G.I. Specialists to schedule an appointment for a checkup as soon as possible. It’s best to catch and treat digestive or intestinal problems early -- chances are that there’s a straightforward solution to the issue that will finally give you some relief.